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Ecran philips 190s osd main controls locked : Bonjour a tous ! Je suis confronté actuellement a un probleme très génant sur m. Monitor Controls Locked Philips Monitors.

L’écran affiche le message : OSD MAIN CONTROLS LOCKED (Commandes OSD principales verrouillées). Bonjour, J’ai un problème avec mon écran PHILIPS 190S un message apparait tout les secondes en disant OSD MAIN CONTROLS LOCKED . Question: How do I lock/unlock the controls on my PlymDesk (Philips) monitor?

Answer: Locking the monitor controls ensures that settings cannot be changed. La description de ce résultat n’est pas disponible en raison du fichier robots. In my screen appear one small window who write above ATTENTION and more down MONITOR CONTROL LOCKED.

OK button, which opens the OSD or Control Menu I have always used the OK. ALso, can someone point out HOW the monitor got locked in the first place ? An Attention OSD Main Controls Locked/Unlocked keeps appearing on the centre of my Philips 190Blcd monitor. How to stop pop up OSD MAIN CONTROLS LOCKED/UNLOCKED. These monitors (especially Philips) use poor quality buttons that after 2 . These monitors (especially Philips) use poor quality buttons that after or 3 .

Philips 190Smonitor toggles between displays “Main OSD . Press and Hold Menu Button for Seconds, surely this was helpful to u. C’est un 190S de chez Philips qui date de 2004. Je n’ai pas que le message OSD main controls locked qui apparaît, j’ai aussi la fenêtre . I have a problem with my Philips 190B6CB/monitor which is about. OSD MAIN CONTROLS LOCKED for a few seconds then went away.

A menu list will appear on your monitor screen. OSD main controls locke then it comes up again saying OSD main controls unlocked. How on earth do i get into the Phillips 170B monitor to even attempt to clean . Philips 190S7FS/i u zadnje vrijeme mi je. The monitor controls on my Philips 190B screen are locked.

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