Iglidur j

Vue d’ensemble des données du matériau coussinets iglidur J. Possibilité de choix du diamètre de l’axe, largeur du palier ou diamètre extérieur. The pressure resistance of iglidur J plain bearings declines with increasing temperatures.

Kunststoff-Gleitlager iglidur J von igus. Auswahlmöglichkeiten über Wellendurchmesser, Lagerbreite oder Außendurchmesser. Buy Iglidur J Bush Thrust Washer 16mm JTM-1630-0or other Bearing Units – Accessories online from RS for next day delivery on your order plus great . Graph 01: Permissible pv values for iglidur J with a wall thickness of mm dry . The iglidur J plain bearings are designed for the lowest coefficients of friction while.

Permissible p x v value for iglidur J running dry against steel . Low coeffi cients of friction while running dry. Other iglide Products Piston rings Piston rings of iglidur J: Universal.

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