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AVENTOS HL est la ferrure idéale pour les portes relevables parallèles pour les meubles hauts et moyens et pour les meubles de niche avec faces supérieures. Quincaillerie Richelieu – Mécanisme d’ouverture Aventos HL – Assemblage. SET RESERVOIRS DE FORCE AVENTOS HL STANDARD BLUM.

ATTACHE-FACADE SANS FRAISAGE AVENTOS HL/HS/HK BLUM. AccueilAgencement AmeublementCharnières -Ferrures relevantes-CompasFerrures Aventos Blum porte relevanteAventos HLSet réservoir de force . Avec AVENTOS HL de Blum, la façade est déplacée vers le haut, parallèlement au corps de meuble. Relevants AVENTOS, les solutions pour meubles hauts de BLUM.

Réservoirs de force SERVO-DRIVE AVENTOS HL. AVENTOS HL lift systems are ideal for mid height units, or tall units with further fronts above. AVENTOS HL is well-suited for small-area, single fronts. AVENTOS SERVO-DRIVE : une légère pression sur la façade. Site internet du fabriquant : BLUM FRANCE SARL.

The one piece door front lifts up vertically and provides unhindered access to the interior; This lift system is the ideal solution for an appliance garage or wall . Blum AVENTOS Overhead Stay HS/HL/HK Lift Systems, Front Fixing Bracket For Narrow Aluminium Frames, Screw On. Blum Aventos HL lift up system for upper cabinets allows the door to move out and straight up in a fluid motion. AVENTOS HL is easy to install and adjust which saves time and money.

Blum has downloadable Excel spreadsheets . S420 Aventos HS Up Over Lift System, Aventos HL Lift Up System, Aventos HK Stay Lift System, Aventos Lift System . Blum Aventos HL Lift Mechanism AVENTOS HL covers all common door widths and heights, including wide cabinets with just five different lift mechanisms and . Item 1- 2- Designed for doors that open up and parallel to the cabinet face, the AVENTOS HL can be used in applications including wall cabinets and . NAventos HL Lift MechanismThe doors will open with perfect and fluid motion due to its stable lift system. Commandez Blum – Kit complet de bras pour systeme de porte relevable aventos hl manuel – Réf. AVENTOS HL lift up Lift mechanism minimum internal cabinet depth: 2mm Fixing onto cabinet: screw-on Symmetrical: Yes. The Aventos HL lift system from Blum sets new standards for lift systems in kitchen cabinets.

With Aventos HL, the door front lifts up vertically provides complete access to the interior. Applications include appliance garages or wall cabinets. The AVENTOS HL lifts the one-part frontal parallel to the cabinet. This lift system is ideal for applications in tall and wall cabinets with additional fronts above. BLUM AVENTOS HL and other types of Lifting mechanisms, e. Blum Aventos HL series of lift and stay mechanisms are designed for mid high wall cabinets, winning various global awards from designers and fitters.

Cadres en aluminium avec verre BLUM Aventos HF Profilés en aluminium confectionnés, avec ou sans verre pour la pose de la ferrement. Blum – Aventos HL, elementy dodatkowe w Świetnej Cenie. Sklep Internetowy Belmeb – Inspirujemy do tworzenia mebli.

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